Not Another Comp Plan, NO – – – – Bonvera – a “Revenue Share” Model

Why “Rev Share”?

Let’s frame this in:

I was having lunch with the #1 producer of a US wide top three sales firm.   My buddy, Robert, set it up and he should’ve been on my side at this meeting.   I asked our #1 producer guest why he choose the firm he was with?   He said, “Profit Sharing.”   Robert our mutual friend says, “Not this again.”   I ask our guest to explain.   He shared with us that as an office owner he received a cut of the national sales volume every month.   Robert said, “Tell Chris how much your first profit sharing check was.”   This Top Producer made $4.85 his first month in their “National Bonus Pool”.   Then my buddy Robert asks me what my first month of profit sharing was.   My answer was, “Less.”   To which our common friend said, “You guys and your profit sharing.”

Now that Robert was having a laugh at us, I stepped in to defend our guest and educate my buddy.   I asked this #1 producer what had been his best month in his “National Bonus Pool”?   His response was “$48,000 and thank you for asking.”   Then our guest asked me, “Chris what was your best month of profit sharing in your industry?”   To which I answered, “More, and thank you for asking”   Our guest and I looked at Robert with satisfaction.   Roberts response? “Fine!”

What our common friend Robert didn’t understand was this.   When an organization has a method to pay producers on what the entire company produces it unifies everyone.   When someone else wins, all win.   When a team within the organization excels, the overall payout goes up.   Everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Typically this is a small carrot that produces big results.   Our guest at lunch was truly the #1 producer in that company and only received a small piece of a small piece of the pie.   What if you could get paid on the majority of the whole pie?

What is “Rev Share”?

Let’s start with C-Commerce:

Collaborative Commerce is not a new idea, but it is a NEW Industry.   Japanese auto makers, for a very long time, have met and made decisions with all the players in their supply chain.   From extrusion and fabrication through distribution, retail and banking.   They understand what affects one, affects all.

Bonvera has created a platform which allows manufacturers and national brokers, to partner with end point consumers and entrepreneurs, in order to move, sell, retail, and broker, quality goods and services, all at market price or below.   Bonvera’s platform allows manufacturer direct to consumer sales without having to pay huge margins for retail costs, advertising, wholesalers, warehousing, etc.   Bonvera shares a very large percentage of it’s total revenue with those driving the sales.

When I say “Rev Sharing” program I’m not talking about a comp plan.   Compensation plans are typically designed to make the company the most money, while paying just enough to those working in the field moving the product, to keep them.   A good compensation plan pays enough to create fast growth, but still pays the company the lions share of the profits.   A “Revenue Sharing” agreement is a commitment between manufacturers and those end point consumers building a Bonvera business.

A quick comment here to explain BV transparency:

Bonvera bases it’s business volume on the margins we negotiate with our suppliers and the costs to operate and deliver those products and services.   The pricing is on market value, not some multiplier to get an 8X payout for Comp Plan purposes.   That means Bonvera business owners get paid on real monies.   Many businesses today act like casinos.   You give them money, they give you a “Chucky Cheese” card with credits on it.   The next highest payout, after all the real math is done, I know of is 5%.   This particular Comp Plan I’m referring to claims a 25% payout, but it costs $450, of personal spending, to create the 100 points needed to bonus.   Our Luebella skin care creates 100 points at $115.   That’s a very big discrepancy.

The Progression from Customer to Business Owner:

As an entrepreneur develops within Bonvera we’ll see them start shopping.   Over time, as the business grows, they receive 28% back of their personal shopping BV (business volume) every month.

When a Bonvera business owner starts a 2nd team, develops some retail business and reaches MVP that percentage rebate becomes income.   Most MVP’s earn more each month than they spend on their own shopping.   Who doesn’t like free stuff?   As a person learns to help others become an MVP, they reach the beginning ranks of Partner & Sr. Partner.   What does it take to develop $1500 of residual income a month?   At one time, I had a six-plex in Georgia that cost $550,000.   When I had a great manger, no repairs and before hurricane Ivan ripped off my roof, I made $1500 per month from that investment.   Bonvera would be a lot better way to create income.

As an entrepreneur builds just two teams to 10,000 BV (business volume) in each team they’ll enter a pure “Rev Share” model.   Every month getting paid from the first of 16 different National Pools.   As that Entrepreneur develops other leaders and then a 3rd team, they enter the other pools.   Eventually they’ll share in the National profits of all 16 pools.   We aren’t talking about some preset amount of money in each pool.   As Bonvera gets more profitable so does each pool.   That means each and every time new leaders emerge, the pools you are in have more money in them.   Every time we add a new service or product You make more money.   As our economy of scale grows, You make more money.   When our overhead drops, You make more money.   The better deals we do, You make more money.

The better and larger Bonvera gets, the better and larger your income gets.   You get paid to help everyone succeed.   We are all in this together!   Manufacturers, Customers and Entrepreneurs, that’s C-Commerce.   That’s Revenue Sharing.

Why build Now?

You all remember the philosophy class question:

If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The answer: Who cares!

If You have the best payout in history but someone doesn’t do 100 BV and get paid, Rev Sharing doesn’t exist to them!

You can be in sales or You can be a coach.   Which one do You want?   Sales people recreate their incomes over and over and over.   Coaches build leaders and systems so they get paid forever.   To an outsider or customer, Bonvera appears to be an “Eat, Drink, Shop, Make Money” model or an “Eat, Drink, Shop, Refer Other People, Make More Money” model.   Neither is what we really do.

The XO Systems teaches Entrepreneurs to leverage tools and events to develop ongoing profits from solid Retail and growing Leaders that can run their own organizations without You.   Would You rather have a residual income or one that requires You to maintain it forever?   You can’t replace yesterday.   Do we continue to trade time for money and work forever?   Or do we learn to work together are leverage time?

Have You ever missed a big opportunity?   I have.   Iv’e heard it said in Silicon Valley: The Broke say, “What if doesn’t work?”   And The Wealthy say, “What if it does work?”   Ladies and Gentleman it’s already working!   Don’t get left behind.

Why Bonvera?

I’ve never seen a pure business like this before.   I’ve never seen the genius of a Cody Newton and a Tim Marks made manifest through creating a “Rev Share” and 3 Team model.   You are looking at the future.   It is here.   It is Bonvera!