You can’t do that!

You can’t do that. You’ll fail before you even open. It’s a scam. Banks won’t touch you. That won’t work. It’s laughable. Another MLM. It’ll never work. The #’s don’t add up. Just another pyramid scheme. No one has ever done that before. No one would join until everything is in place. There’s no margin. Shipping’s too high. You can’t compete w/ online malls. It’s too much of a moving target. Who’s going to back you? It would take at least 18 months. They won’t deal w/ you. Wrong timing. We’ll see. Big companies won’t agree to that. You’re too small. You can’t do partner stores. Why would people shop there.

And these were the nice things our doubters and haters said.
Bonvera in 4 & 1/2 months has lived up to every promise we’ve made. In our 1st 9 days we grossed more than Amazon’s 1st year. Registrations were so much higher than predicted we almost ran out of Phyzix. It took weeks to enter all the new associates at kickoff. So many attended events Extroda had to run extra tickets multiple times. We completed the 1st month north of 7 figures.
And we are only at the front end of a soft launch. Private label, everyday brands, Partner stores and Affiliates are being added regularly. The distribution center is in full swing. Our 1st Big Game (national event) was Electric. It was great to see so many vendors attending, people winning, belief in everyone’s eyes and leaders having so much fun.
Bonvera – The Compensated Marketplace
Eat, Drink, Shop, Refer, Profit
Build Marketshare
 – Customers & Associates
Now it begins!
The Gold Rush is on!
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10 comments on “You can’t do that!

  1. Sharon says:

    We love it!

  2. Lesley Carrier says:

    Perfect information for exposing the entire world to the power of Bonvera!!!

  3. Kendra says:

    Fired up!!!!

  4. Jim Mosher says:

    First Big Game in Kansas City! What an awesome and historic event! And we’ve only just launched off the starting line…

  5. Bill Ascol says:

    Great word from a great leader about a great opportunity. #Bonverarocks

  6. Jeff Wolf says:

    You can make it happen
    You can wait till it happens
    Witch one are you ?

  7. Bobbi King says:

    Amazing business opportunity that just keeps amazing!!!

  8. Breaking it down, to the way it really is and what is “actually” happening. This is ACTUALLY happening, it is not some sweet day – it is “the sweet day”!
    Doesn’t matter what others say – we just make this “GREAT”, backing up what has been said through out our social media sharing. “CI-AW”
    It’s not magic, it’s not rocket science, it’s just getting done!

  9. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s a game changer! Never imagined I’d be profitable my first month, but I was! So enjoying the Bonvera upbeat encouraging culture. the BIG GAME was eye-opening and everyone loved our guest speaker, Robert Rohm!!! Many thanks to Chris and Venkat and all the other founders for making so many dreams come true!

  10. Tim Marks says:

    Great post Chris!

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