The Meaning of Bonvera

Bonvera means “Good Faith”
The Latin Roots are:
Bon – Good or Well
Vera – Faith or True

Bonvera was chosen because of its meaning. Because of what it represents to the world. A good and true opportunity. Not a guarantee of success, there is no such thing. But a truly even playing field, a real chance for a person to create something.

Bonvera represents the best principles and practices combined into one business. It is a Compensated Marketplace where you are rewarded for the work you do. You are on an even footing, even with those who have gone before you. Bonvera is a commitment to the future.

Welcome to Your Future.
Welcome to Bonvera.

2 comments on “The Meaning of Bonvera

  1. An absolutely phenomenal opportunity I am proud to be a part of. Great people, great products, level playing field. What else could you really ask for?

  2. Bill Ascol says:

    The founders of this new company have made a “good faith” gesture to anyone who wants to 1) save time, 2) save money, & 3) make money. Everyone shops, & almost everyone complains about not having enough time or money. Bonvera is the answer. There is no selling. There is no arm-twisting. There is only sharing an opportunity with people who are already spending the money any way. BonveraRocks!

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