The Unicorn

Every culture has an ideal, a set of hopes for the future. Sometimes those ideals have been turned into myths, other times they are relayed through parables to teach from. But on that rare occasion, they are actual, attainable goals to strive to become.

The world of commerce is no different in its pursuit of ideals, a place where synergy between supplier, vendor and customer creates a perfect storm of Win – Win – Win. In every world there are doubters, who can’t see the future, but love it when it arrives. Others begrudge anything new or that they didn’t invent. They don’t want the future and refuse to enjoy the gifts that it brings. But a rare few see the future before them with almost a sixth sense, knowing what’s right about it. They are people that run to it and ring it in to make life better for all.

Are You the kind of person that looks at the future and says:
How can that work?
That can’t work.
What if it does work?

“What if it does work?” are the kind of people that create their future. And What if it does work companies improve the lives of everyone in their communities. These kind of people and this kind of company have converged today to create a Unicorn in the world of commerce.

~ save people time and money ~ bands you love ~ names you trust ~ convenience ~ anyway money ~ creates a framework to build a business ~ profits and recognition to those that do the work ~ ability to create a legacy for your family ~ build long term market share ~ loyal customers ~ real partnerships with suppliers ~ turning expenses into incomes ~ turning liabilities into assets ~ create time and money ~ seeks input and improvement from the field, suppliers and customers ~ the leadership earns their living in the field ~ board run ~ no majority share holders
– to name a few

This Unicorn is called a “Compensated Marketplace”

A marketplace where ownership is as easy as changing where you shop. Where taking money you already spend; can create a long term, ongoing income for you and your family. Where manufacturers and vendors seek your business and partner with you. Either as an associate to help you build marketshare and income. Or as a customer looking for quality shipped to your door at great pricing.

This Unicorn is Real. This Unicorn in Now. This Unicorn is named – Bonvera

31 comments on “The Unicorn

  1. Allen Knight says:

    Reblogged this on Allen Knight Servanthood and commented:
    Send me the Amazon please!
    Redirecting the flow of e-comers through
    my own business! The pre launch of Bonvera
    is here. A truly Compansated Market place.

  2. Tim Jarvinen says:

    Bonvera will be a company that takes Anyway money to buy Anyway things, allowing the indivdual to create a lifestyle Anyone can achieve! Great article.

  3. Beyond a great idea (which it is), beyond a great opportunity (which it is), beyond a great model (which it is), it is the great people behind it that have inspired me and my wife. We are inspired to run for our biggest goals and dreams, to hope for a better future for our kids, and to bring along our friends on this ride. We’re so stoked!

  4. Johnny says:

    If this “unicorn” really does exist, how could anyone ignore it by denying it’s reality? It would be foolish to do so. I certainly want to save time and money and Of course I’d like to have additional income. I looked up Bonvera on Google. Wow, two pages. I like the website. Thanks for making the world aware.

  5. I am so amazed from individuals chasing their dreams and allowing others to be able to do the same. I definitely want to be the group that says “what if this does work?” and more importantly “what if it does and I do nothing?” I do not want to miss the bus when it means changing the future of my friends and family’s lives. In a win win situation we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I will stand the unicorn head on and say let’s do this! Today is the day and thank you for making success accessible to all who are willing to chase their dreams and goals.

  6. Ashley price says:

    This is so empowering! I have been surpressing my deepest desires and dreams for so long because I didn’t know how to reach them. It didn’t seem attainable in a world where i have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. I can see it now and bonvera is my answer to taking action steps opposed to just having goals and running aimlessly with no target. Focus is everything!

  7. Stuart Hansen says:

    Perfect timing! Serve others in the Compensated Market Place, Synergy! Great Article.

  8. Lorie Bischel says:

    I believe this will work for me, providing me with enough income to allow my to set me free and allow me the time to do volunteer work, travel, spend more time with my family. But if I’m wrong, and it doesn’t set me free, it would still make my life easier and my bank account bigger by saving me time and money. I can’t lose!

  9. Jim Mosher says:

    Bonvera is an awesome vehicle… Imagine turning your everyday budget into an asset and sharing the profits with your associates. #bonverarocks

  10. Tera Larson says:

    I am so excited about Bonvera!
    With a large family, this is literally changing things for our entire family. Being able to buy the things we buy already, have it shipped to our door, which saves so much time, and the profits go directly to the buying community instead of the corporation… Genius!

  11. Marilyn flower says:

    Chris, My friend Tony reminds me that this will make a huge difference for people who are housebound blind disabled and cannot get out to shop. Not to mention that those of us who can’t carry a 50 pound bag of dog food or even a 20 pound bag of kitty litter from the car to the house. We say let the UPS guy or gal do it!!! Convenience? Savings? profit sharing? Community building? Financial freedom via anyway money? What’s not to like? there’s a folk song that says the unicorn was frolicking and missed out on noah’s arc. Here’s a boat for everyone!!!! Thank you Chris thank you Bonvera!

  12. Jeffrey Netz says:

    Excellent thoughts. Excited about Bonvera and building a compensated marketplace!

  13. therealstratpack says:

    This makes so much sense. Why wouldn’t you want to turn your expenses into an asset? It would be silly not to! Great post, Chris!

  14. Danae Mattis says:

    FINALLY!!! I can’t wait to see what the start of the unicorn looks like sat in SJ Ca! Woohoo. Freedom🎉👏 #BonveraRocks

  15. goingdiamond says:

    An opportunity to make money by redirecting money that is already being spent on things that are already being purchased. Bonvera is the wave of the future. #BonveraRocks

  16. Alesha Romero says:

    The opportunity to grab ahold of the future doesn’t happen everyday. Seize the opportunity, go out of faith, work like if depends on you, pray like it depends on God. Then be blessed and become a blessing to others. Your future starts NOW! #Bonvera

  17. Tatiana says:

    I think a lot of people start off with high hopes for their lives, full of dreams, and big ambitions. Unfortunately, with time people lose hope and get discouraged when they realize Corperate America is not a means to achieve those aspersions. BONVERA IS! This compensated marketplace is such a revolutionary concept, that it is what’s needed. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Bonvera is the game changer and the vehicle to people win!

  18. richcads says:

    It’s all about communities and helping each other. Here is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor of a company that helps everyone leverage their anyway money, that everyone spends on everyday items, and turn it into an asset that pays you and your community. Financial advisers always state “make your money work for you”. You now have an opportunity to put your anyway money to work for you. This is not a fairy tale. Unicorns are real!! #BonveraRocks #Bonvera

  19. Kim VanSlembrouck says:

    Great article, Chris! To quote Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”. We are going to help people see this unicorn, grab it by it’s horn and ride it to wherever they want to go!!!

  20. I’m glad to know the unicorn is real. I’m excited to see how it will help me construct and grow my dreams into my reality. This is definitely NOT an opportunity to miss out on.

  21. The Unicorn allows more free time to play with family and more income to play BIGGER!!!

  22. Maureen Chen says:

    Where can we find an opportunity such as this ? There is a group of men and women who truly want to help others get to financial freedom sooner ? Thanks to this unicorn that carries an important mission ! It allows ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things in this world !!

  23. Lana Harriman says:

    Talk about the right time and right place for a Compensated Marketplace. Bonvera is definitely the way all consumers should shop to become prosumers in their financial success. Win-Win principle for sure.

  24. Jimmy Wiess says:

    If ever was a time to that a “Perfect Storm” is forming in the E-Commerce it is now, BONVERA is the storm that will prove a compensated marketplace is the only place to spend your everyday money, Outstanding article Chris, thank you for your insight, BonveraRocks!!!

  25. Jihnnyzapara says:

    Since reading your article, I’ve been talking to my friends. Virtually everyone wants to shop the Bonvera way. Saving time and money is a

  26. johnnyzapara says:

    Chris, since reading your article about the Compensated Marketplace, I’ve been talking to my friends. Virtually everyone wants to shop the Bonvera way. People love saving time and money.

  27. Courtney says:

    Christopher, thank you for this. I don’t know why me and my wife wouldn’t shop thru Bonvera

  28. Clint Fix says:

    I love the vision you’ve laid out, Chris! It just clicks for most people. I noticed a few people ask questions like, “Is Bonvera like [insert company name]?” I’m glad someone wrote a post on that to help people understand the differences between Bonvera and other traditional and MLM companies. Here’s the link to it:

  29. Bonvera4living says:

    I look forward to embracing this as I understand everything that we focus on is possible.

  30. Bobbi King says:

    This is AWESOMENESS!!

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