Friendship: What it Is and Isn’t!

“Good Friends help You move, Great Friends help You move a body” – Anonymous.   A ridiculous example of Friendship and Loyalty, but I does bring up a point.   Namely “Friends” do not sit in judgment of or speak ill of each other and fiercely defend the character of the other.   Why do friends defend each other? – They know each other’s hearts, their intentions and the purposes to which they are dedicated.

Grace and patiencs are other great attributes of Friendship.   Seriously, are we someone’s friend if we take offense to them being busy, short or just plain living life?   One of my “Best” Friends in the world, he and I have know each other since the “Play Pen”, have wondered in and out of each other lives for decades now.   Yet each time we talk or do something, even if it’s been years, it was as if we saw each other yesterday.   This is a guy I trust with my kids, house, cars, money and to give me honest feedback.

I have watched some of my heroes, Danaé Mattis (my wife), Steve Mattis  (my Dad) and Tim Marks (my Mentor), befriend those that judge them, use them and malign them.   Yet they keep aiding them in the pursuit of their goals and loving them in their mistakes.   This is so uncommon in our world.

A common confusion in our current media driven society is that an acquaintance (someone you are around or hang around) is a friend.   Friendship has nothing to do with hanging out, sharing non-creating experiences, making “you’re not doing what I think you should be doing” judgments or thinking “what can I get from you”.   I hear a lot of “I want you to be my friend” whining in our world.   “Serve me”, “take care of me”, “make me feel special”, guilt inducing actions and words followed by “but I’m not interested in serving you!” self-centeredness.   When did popularity replace significance?

This reminds me of  a situation that a very close friend of mine went through.   One of his college buddies was giving him grief because his new family was getting in the way of “Guy Time” (Drinking & Hanging Out).   Then the “frat brother” started to pick at him for starting a side business he didn’t believe in.   Finally after attacking my soft hearted friend with critical emails asking, “what happened to my friend, my hang buddy?”, he shot back, “I have a family to take care of, debt to pay, a wife to provide for and a future to build!   I grew up!   I recommend you do the same!”

Two great measuring sticks of who is my friend (not who likes me):   1 – Who would pick you up at 3am two hours from home?   2 – Who encourages you and believes in you, regardless of whether or not they understand the dream you are chasing?   A friend will either join you or encourage you in pursuing your God-given dreams!

Clearly by these definitions I have eliminated most people, even my family, from the “True Friend” list.   This was epitomized in a conversation I had a few years ago with an older relative.   It occurred at a family event where I was asked what I had been doing the last several years.   I responded by giving the general details and the hoped-for outcome of my efforts.   In response this family member began to verbally vomit warnings, fears and doubts on me.   I placed my hand in front of his face and said, “STOP!   We are only limited by our own thinking and I cannot afford to be limited by yours.”   He pointed out that he had wisdom (none, of course in the areas in which I work).   Then he tried to justify his actions by saying that he was playing “Devil’s advocate” (I have plenty of devils in my life and I don’t need to be related to one!).   Then he sarcastically asked if he should be a “cheerleader”, to which I pointed out I could ALWAYS use another encourager!

We have to decide to BE someone’s friend.   This would mean serving and ministering to them.   I remember the day I chose to be Tim Marks’ friend.   This was not required to get his counsel (acting on that counsel would be key), to have him help me through struggles (if I worked at fixing them) or being around him in business.   I have seen Tim serve many people who don’t like him, take him for granted or even don’t respect him.   My wife Danaé listens and counsels ladies every month that don’t respect her time and ofter her wisdom. Yet people get upset when they can’t interrupt their lives for them at will.   Or worse, they whine and make excuses because they didn’t want to grow up in an area, so it must someone else’s fault.   Let’s blame “Mommy and Daddy” or the closest likeness.   Danaé, Dad and Tim are Impressive examples of Friends.

Two-way friendships are a matter of Heart, not Time.   Sadly most friendships are not two-way.   this is not a big deal if, you believe that “it is better to Give than to Receive.”   So we need to check our motives, serve without expectation of return, forgive false friends and thank God for the real ones.

I hope this finds You well – Chris Mattis

7 comments on “Friendship: What it Is and Isn’t!

  1. Kimberly says:

    Wow, this is amazing! We are blessed to you have you as our friend and mentor. Thank you for sharing you heart and wisdom. Love your blog, it’s awesome!

  2. Melisa McGowan says:

    Fired Up brother, thank you for that post! So blessed we are in california to have such an amazing couple as our servant leaders & how blessed am I to call you both my mentors & friends. Thank you for all you do! Love you guys see you in columbus 😀
    Woooooooo go Magic

  3. Kammy Kenman says:

    Great read! I’m so excited to be apart of the Magic!!!

  4. Jennifer Thornton says:

    Friendly words of wisdom are always a welcome addition! Thanks for contributing these to mine. I look forward to following your posts/blogs/future words of wisdom.

  5. Thank you Chris! You hit the nail on the head! I can relate to this all too well! Thank God there is a system that now helps us identify true friendship in our lives and be a real friend to others. God Bless!

  6. Kyle Starr says:

    Hey Chris! I just found your blog, how awesome! Really enjoyed reading this article on Friendship. That first line was funny, I couldn’t agree with you more about “Friends”. Miss you and I’ll see you in January.

    (still sucking Sand)

  7. Chi Nwoke says:

    WOW Chris! This is amazing! This is an article i will definitely be reading over and over and recommending!
    Chi Nwoke

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