Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady’s MFC: “Mental Fitness Challenge”

Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s Mental Fitness Challengeis the single best corporate style tool I have ever seen to build unity and increase productivity in a very short period of time.   Predicated on creating life-long learning habits, it works through attacking 13 areas of our lives that fall under character, task, relationships and leadership.   Starting with a self assessment test, it provides a “You are Here” starting point.   From there accountability partners, 360 degree feedback and challenge partners (who you can invite to take it with you), can all be setup and accessed.   Feedback from people you trust can reveal blind spots that you don’t realize may be controlling the results you are getting in life.   My self assessment test looks like a smallish starfish, which means no new blind spots were revealed but there are lots of areas for improvement.

Once the study of the 1st module begins, reading, audio CDs and video emails from top leaders in their fields, highlighted by the #6 Orrin Woodward and #11 Chris Brady “Leadership Gurus” in the world, support the development of new thinking and new habits.   Exposure to purposeful, consistent and incremental learning allows the “Law of Compounding” to be applied to anyone’s life.   For many this is the first time that they choose to wage a “Media War” on the way that they think   (as opposed to the normal “Brain Washing” the average American gets from media “Programing” and control campaigns that many huge corporations and government agencies push).

Going through the “Resolutions” it occurs to me that they no longer appear as acts of the will, but as stepping stones on the way to pursuing one’s purpose.   As one of the newer Mental Fitness Challengers said, “Resolutions are Get to’s not Have to’s.”   Resolutions are tools to equip us to chase our God-given dreams, to shape us into who we can be.

What a gift this MFC is to organizations of any type, to families, communities and individuals.   I’ve started asking people I know to review the “Ad CD” and point me in the right direction to who or what I should share this with.   My favorite question to ask is from Jim Martin, a huge community builder and leader in Florida, “Have you heard of the Mental Fitness Challenge?   It’s like P90X for the brain.   I want you to take it with me.   When can we meet?”   Don’t keep life changing information a secret, share it with anyone you care about.   What a difference new information and better thinking makes! Thank you Orrin and Chris.

 – Chris Mattis

12 comments on “Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady’s MFC: “Mental Fitness Challenge”

  1. robbyandemily says:

    Couldn’t come close to saying it any better. What amazes me is, a person like myself has been studying their stuff for over a year, and this challenge has just put a turbo boost on my personal development! Amazing! All the pieces of the puzzle must be put in place for it to be effective.

  2. Great article, Chris!

    You have such a Gift to explain things easily. When you put it into writing, we have a new tool to refer back to. Please, write more! The Social Media is an incredible way to keep “Team Magic” all connected to you. I love how you write… from your heart. Put here and/or Facebook, it would benefit all of us.

    Thank you for this new tool, “Mattis” style!.
    <3 Michelle Jaquette

  3. Chris, you did a great job explaining the MFC and the valuable benefits it provides. What a great program we have our hands on and a great gift we can share with people that can literally change their life for the better.

  4. Jeff and Nicole Stratman says:

    You said it Mr. Mattis, MFC is a road map to guide you to the person you want to be. Thank you Chris for being a leader that we can all believe in. Nicole and I wouldnt be who we are today if it wasnt for your example, results, love, guidance and frienship. Thank you for being the change you want to see in the world.

    J&N Stratman a.k.a Strat Trio

  5. Bill Ascol says:

    Chris, you are right on target with your assessment of the Mental Fitness Challenge and the potential for corporate exposure to and use of this excellent tool. Thanks for your leadership both in word and deed, brother.

  6. Michael Lea says:

    There are times in life when we actually can see a crossroads for ourselves, our families and our country. Mostly they remain unseen until we’ve passed it and we only notice when we look backwards. This is one of those times when we get to look right at it. It’s so uplifting to see it and know that we can all use those “stepping stones” you so observantly identified. Thanks for a great blog and thanks to Mr. Woodward and Mr. Brady!

  7. Jim & Sharon Mosher says:

    Chris: We just started the Mental Fitness Challenge and agree that the materials, CDs and books are high quality. We are excited to share MFC with friends, family and business associates. Thanks for your leadership and to Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady for their leadership and vision

  8. Great post Chris! MFC is a fit for every walk of life. We now have something we can offer anyone, anywhere, anytime and we know in our heart of hearts it will make a difference in their life. I love what we do in LIFE! Thanks for serving and being a fantastic leader Chris!

  9. Laurie Tallio says:

    I love your synopsis of the MFC … “the single best corporate style tool I have ever seen to build unity and increase productivity in a very short period of time”. Thank you for this post, and for being the teacher that you are.

  10. Reblogged this on David J. Garza and commented:
    Below is a great summary of the Mental Fitness Challenge. For details, go to http://www.GetMFC.com

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